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This is the perfect solution for identity verification powered by artificial intelligence that helps your customers to register, electronically sign documents, or use other services where identity verification is necessary - anytime and anywhere.



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Build trust. Strengthen connections. Simplify processes.

Imagine a customer that can obtain their insurance or enjoy any other confidential online service straight from the comfort of their home in just a few clicks. Verified by Photko is a module that enables companies, organizations, and associations which offer online insurance, banking, postal, car sharing, or gambling services to verify their customers' identity without meeting them. As a result, enjoy a 30 % increase in sales without worrying about identity fraud ever again.


Why Verified by Photko?


Easier customer acquisition

Lower customer acquisition costs by letting customers register in your system and use your services remotely.

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Better user experience

Save your customers' time and make using your service more accessible. Improve their user experience and customer satisfaction.


More closed deals

Impress you customers. An excellent user experience and simplified processes can increase your sales by 30 %.



Operation description

Verified by Photko is a next-generation technology that uses artificial intelligence and advanced technologies to help users register and validate their identities in just a few clicks. They can then use several online services that require identity verification. Verified by Photko is an SDK module that scans your face and your ID card to validate your identity with the highest level of certainty and confidentiality.

Online application of the SKD module leads the user through a very simple procedure in 4 steps:


  • The module suggests scanning an identity document (ID card, driver's licence, or passport).
  • Next, the module suggests scanning your face, helping you place your face in the correct position and rotate it.
  • All data is uploaded to the module's server, where necessary validations take place using artificial intelligence that can determine the identity document's and facial features' validity.
  • The information on validation confirmation or refusal is sent to the user's app.

In-app facial recognition and positioning technologies, as well as OCR (text recognition) and facial recognition technologies on the server, are used to capture pictures and do the validation with the help of artificial intelligence. During the last step of the verification procedure, the information on validation confirmation or refusal is sent to the user's app, allowing them (or not, if not verified) to use e-signatures or other services where identity verification is necessary.

Verified by Photko is a module that many online service providers already implement. Companies, organizations, and associations that offer online insurance, banking, postal, car-sharing, or gambling services benefit from this module greatly. Their customers can verify their identity quickly and easily straight from their homes and are thus 30 % more likely to use the services listed above than if they had to visit the desired service at their location.


The highest level of security

Digital interaction safety and transparency every step of the way


Cyber security

The latest technology provides companies and their customers with the highest level of cyber security.


Data protection

Our algorithm processes users' data following the high GDPR requirements, ensuring your data is safe with us.

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Fraud prevention

Only trustworthy individuals will have access to your services due to the advanced verification technologies.


In your colours

Will Verified by Photko interface clash with your web application design? No worries, it won't! Quite the opposite, the interface will completely adapt to your application's colour scheme and design.



How to start?


Send your inquiry

Let us know your expectations and desires – we'll set up a meeting.


Implement the module

We adapt the interface to your design and implement it into your existing application.

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Enjoy the results

Your customers now have a better user experience, and you can enjoy the increase in sales.


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