The story of Photko

A passion for photography, especially anthropomorphic photography that depicts a person, led Helena Murka and Rado Stropnik to a new business idea.



Passion for Photography

Passion for photography, especially anthropomorphic photography that portrays humans, led Helena Murko and Rado Stropnik to a new business idea. Through years of practice, they realized that people rarely like their photos for personal documents. That’s why they wanted to create a solution that would help people be as satisfied as possible with their photos on personal documents.

While considering how people could have access to a greater number of

photos to choose from for their personal documents, Rado came to the realization that anyone could actually take a photo for a biometric ID document - anywhere and anytime. When he presented his idea to Helena, they were soon starting a new venture together.

They gathered a development team and created the Photko application,

which guides the user to take a likeable and high-quality photo for their biometric ID document. They soon discovered that their technology could be used for other purposes as well. The biggest potential was in the remote

biometric identification process for various services that require a high level

of trust and are currently done through personal identification at the service provider’s location.

This is the so-called KYC (know your customer) process, which Slovenian

users already know from various services such as opening a bank account

in foreign countries, trading accounts on exchanges, or electronic wallets for cryptocurrencies. Thus, the Verified by Photko service was created, which enables personal identification and recognition remotely, based on a biometric photo and biometric ID document.


Who are we?

We are a team that believes in creativity, professionalism in every aspect, empathy, respect, friendship, and an attitude towards nature. These are our values that we live every day and also embed in our products.

We are dedicated to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our customers and partners, and to maintaining excellent business operations for our company,


Rado Stropnik

Director, Innovator, Photographer

A restless spirit who is constantly seeking new solutions and paths. The creative driving force of the company, a person of vision and decision-making.

biometrična fotografija

Helena Murko

Director, Business Leader, Photographer

The three pillars of the company.

She connects and motivates all

creators of success. She takes care

of realizing ideas.


Patricija Sovič

Marketing and Sales Manager, Organizer, Designer

She takes care of the unforgettable

marketing communication, custom-

er relationships, and making sure

everything runs smoothly in the



What we do and how we do it

We believe that digitalization must be secure and trustworthy, while also being simple and effective. Through biometric technologies, we provide secure and trustworthy digitalization of business operations and products that are user-friendly for both users and developers and providers of digital solutions and services.

We aim to become a leading provider of trust services based on biometric technologies and to rank among the most recognized providers.


We simplify the implementation of remote biometric recognition into our customers’ business applications, workflows, and digital services for the market. Our remote biometric recognition services are flexible in terms of capabilities and operation, compliant with legal requirements of each market, scalable, and quickly implemented.





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