Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Yes, Verified by Photko and Photko services are fully compliant with the GDPR.

Verified by Photko is only available as a cloud service (SaaS). All verifications and operations

are performed on servers located in Slovenia.

The personal data that are read are not stored, or they are stored only for the duration of the verification process. After the verifi-

cation process is completed, all personal data are automatically deleted.

Yes. We use standard protection measures to prevent unauthorized access to data (encrypted connections, restricted access to the backend information system, internal security policies, etc.). E-RASTA company has also obtained the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for the information security management system.

The implementation of the Verified by Photko module or web link takes up to 14 days, as long as the customer has technically and programmatically correctly installed software.

Yes, each verification is reviewed by authorized employees in our company.

A successful verification means that the customer’s face and personal identification document have been successfully verified.

Identification is approved when both document and face analysis are successful.

Document analysis: Data from the document has been successfully read and matched with the data provided when generating

the token.

Face analysis: The face captured via the camera matches the face on the document.

There are various reasons for refusing identification. When scanning documents, it may not be possible to make out the face from

the image on the document, it is not possible to read the name, surname or some other information from the document, the docu-

ment is too blurry, etc. Also, rejection reasons can be related to face detection and matching, for example, the captured face and

the face on the document look too different.

Manual verification is performed by our authorized employees. Automatic verification is performed by software with automated

algorithms with the help of artificial intelligence.

Yes. Technical assistance is included in the price. Upon signing the subscription, the customer receives an email address and

phone number for support.

Yes. The plugin works on both operating systems.

Yes, we perform 3D liveness detection with video-based verification.

Yes. The report is created automatically in PDF format.