Verified by Photko enters the EU market

The company E-RASTA has taken a new step towards internation-alization of its offer of the first Slovenian cloud services for remotebiometric verification - Verified by Photko - by joining the European Enterprise Support Network ( The inclusionin the network was carried out by the Center for Development andTransfer of Knowledge of the University of Primorska


PTUJ, KOPER, March 2nd, 2022 - The whole world, including theEuropean Union, is facing a major challenge of ensuring security andtrust as the number of digital services increases. By joining the En-terprise Europe Network, E-RASTA has strengthened the Europeancompetition of biometric verification services, which is increasinglyused in the “know your customer” (KYC) approach in both consumerand organizational business. Due to the innovativeness and techno-logical nature of the Verified by Photko product, the Center for Devel-opment and Transfer of Knowledge, which operates within the Facultyof Management of the University of Primorska, took over the enroll-ment into the network.


“The cloud-based biometric verification service has been intended forthe international market from the very beginning. We expect that withthe levers offered by the European Enterprise Support Network, wewill accelerate entry into the EU market. Of course, I am proud thatthe Center for Development and Transfer of Knowledge has recog-nized the potential of our Verified by Photko product and has advocat-ed for its promotion within the network,” said Rado Stropnik, director,and co-founder of E-RASTA.


The European Enterprise Network connects more than 600 officesin the European Union, employing more than 4,000 people. ManySlovenian small and medium-sized enterprises have already usedpromotion through the European Enterprise Network. Only at the Uni-versity of Primorska, almost 400 companies have been advised since2008.


As Leon Pavlič, an international business consultant at EEN, said,their role is a trustworthy intermediary between companies. Amongtheir duties is also the proper execution of advertising and an actionplan for working with individual companies..


E-RASTA is a startup company founded by Helena Murko and RadoStropnik, photographers from Ptuj. The company develops softwareservices based on biometric photography for use in creating biomet-ric travel and other official documents, registering for digital services,and zero-trust systems. The company owns the trademarks Photkoand Verified by Photko.